Divinely Inspired
New Beginnings

Hi! I’m Presence.

If you feel stuck, stagnant, lost, or are in transition, my calling is to guide you toward a fresh start based on inner clarity.

My soul gifts, ceremonies, sessions, ands stories serve your inherent ability take action for your life in full alignment with your spirit.

All my offerings are customized, timeless, and delivered as a gift.

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My Offerings

Metta Healing Ceremonies

In-Person; Individuals or Partners

Through my use of expansive listening, judgment-free reflection, Thai Massage, and Metta (loving kindness), we create space for you to release stuck and stagnant energy in your mind/body/spirit system.

I offer ceremonies to individuals, or, with partners who wish to learn how to offer this kind of healing to one another.

Presence Sessions

Online or In-Person; Individuals or Partners

In these sessions, I listen to you speak about your life, and then I repeat everything you’ve said back to you, word-for-word for as long as you need. Clarity is already yours, I simply serve your ability to find it.

I offer sessions to individuals, or to partners who wish to deepen their capacity to see, hear, understand and support one another.

Heart’s Dream Workshops

Online or In-Person; Individuals or Groups

The blueprints for your most expansive life and/or endeavor already exist in your heart. These guided workshops get you out of your head, into your heart’s knowing, and walking in the direction of spirit-led action.

These workshops are especially poignant for those seeking to create heart-centered Vision and Mission statements.

First-Person Storytelling

Online or In-Person; Individuals

Stories are the ultimate tools for making connections. In these sessions, I conduct a long-format interview, repeat your story back to you, and then write a flowing first-person story for you to reflect upon or share.

This process can enable you to see events in your life with neutrality, or share your story with loved ones or an audience.

Collective Voice Storytelling

Online or In-Person; Groups

The story of “we” can be a powerful platform for unified action. Through processes customized for each group, I write a collective voice story that allows for all within a group to be seen, heard, and represented.

These processes can be customized for inward-facing stories or stories meant to be shared with audiences.

Heal Your Story Sessions

Online or In-Person; Individuals or Partners

Designed for those whose stories of the past are stuck in lies like fear, shame, guilt, apathy, anger, or desire, this session guides you through a process that allows space for the Truth to heal your story and set you free.

I can conduct these sessions with individuals, with one partner serving as a witness, or between partners experiencing conflict.

Origins of My Offerings

My life has been a perpetual cycle of one divinely inspired new beginning after another.

In this wild ride that is life, I’ve leapt into new beginnings as a formally trained educator, a facilitator, a marketing director, a servant traveler, a freelance writer, an adventurer, a storyteller, an environmental activist, a bodyworker, a commune member, a memoir editor, and so much more.

My offerings derive from the strategies I’ve used to let go of the past, tap into my heart’s present dreams, and commit fully to who I am meant to be, what I’m meant to give, and how I’m meant to give it in each chapter of my existence.

My Stories

The short story of me in this phase of life is that I am trying just be Presence. No hard and fast identity, no attachments to the past, no grand goals for the future. I just want to try being a human … being. In this present moment I’m feeling internally motivated to share my gifts, songs, and stories fearlessly and freely, give what is mine to give from my heart in service to the whole, and to become an effortless magnet for abundance.

If you’re curious about me, pick a story below and read it. Pick a song here and listen. Pick a gift you’d like to receive and use the form below to request it. Do all three or something else I I haven’t thought of!

All my love.



Every cosmic cycle (13 days), I post an update of the mantra I read everyday to remind me of the life I'm actively creating.
Resources of My Awakening

Resources of My Awakening

These are the courses, books, and resources that helped my journey of awakening to blossom.
A Remarkable Story of True Love

A Remarkable Story of True Love

For years, I traveled across our earth with a young man, convinced he would inspire me to write a remarkable story of true love. This is that story.

The Mayan Dreamspell

Since September 2023, I’ve been using the Mayan Dreamspell to cultivate a whole new life.

As I guide folks into the system, I’m beginning to share the notes I’m aggregating from across the internet.

If you’d like to take a 13 day Wavespell journey with me to learn a system that can connect you to the rhythm of the universe, connect with me!

It’s my new playground right now, and I’d love to guide you.

Mayan Dreamspell, Tzolkin, 13 Moon Calendar Notes Sources

Mayan Dreamspell, Tzolkin, 13 Moon Calendar Notes Sources

Where my notes on the Mayan Dreamspell come from.
12 – Yellow Human (Solar Seal, Kin, Archetype, Primal Energy)

12 – Yellow Human (Solar Seal, Kin, Archetype, Primal Energy)

My notes on The Yellow Human from the Mayan Dreamspell.
6. Rhythmic – Balances (Cosmic Tones, Lunar Tones, Galactic Tones)

6. Rhythmic – Balances (Cosmic Tones, Lunar Tones, Galactic Tones)

My notes on the Rhythmic Galactic Tone from the Mayan Wavespell

Let’s connect!

I’d love to hear from you.


Deep love to Karla Bravo for all the beautiful Thai Massage photos.

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